La APAS -la Asociación de Personas Altamente Sensibles–  estará presente en San Francisco, siendo testigo del estreno de la película (documental) de Elaine Aron. Hemos, además, quedado con ella para hablar sobre un posible evento CON ella en España en el 2017. 

Si también queréis ser testigo del estreno, podéis verlo a través de la posibilidad del streaming. Algo es algo. Y si no, ya os iré contando…

Una nota de Elaine Aron (En inglés, lo siento):

Dear HSPs,

The premiere of Sensitive, the Untold Story on September 10, 7:30 pm, in San Francisco, is sold out. But, the movie is going to be live-streamed during the premiere, and available to view for 48 hours after the premiere (to accommodate time zones around the world, although the movie is only in English). Go to the movie website for the easy instructions.

Besides the movie itself, the live stream will have the fun before—-see Jokes! below–and the Q-and-A after with the director, producer, and me.

The movie may not be available in any other form for a while. (However, if a DVD of the movie was included in your donation level on Kickstarter, you will receive it a few weeks after the premiere.) It depends on how it will be distributed. Some distributors do not want it to have been widely available beforehand (e.g,. sold as a DVD). Of course, please do not even consider trying to copy it. We decided to do the live stream “regardless,” because the premiere is sold out, and because so many people have asked to see it, all over the world.

It is not cheap to do live stream, so we need to charge $20 U.S. to be sure we do not have a loss.   But that is our “early bird special.”  It will be $30 beginning September 7.  Any profits will help with the extra costs of the movie not yet paid for or go to the Foundation for the Study of Highly Sensitive Persons, for research or education.

It’s a good price, given that for the one charge, during those 48 hours you can watch it as often as you want and show it to friends and family members, perhaps especially non-HSPs. We think it is very entertaining. You can see it on your computer monitor, or connect your computer to your TV screen. (The live stream will not be good enough quality for a movie screen.)

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